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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Word of the Day: January 16, 2022


adjective | KAP-shuss


: marked by an often ill-natured inclination to stress faults and raise objections

Beginning of Persian Gulf War

The Persian Gulf War, triggered by Iraq's occupation of Kuwait in August 1990, began on this day in 1991 with a U.S.-led air offensive against Iraq that continued until a cease-fire was declared on February 28.

What’s the difference between Reddit and Twitter?

Doesn’t matter. No one reads beyond the headline anyway.

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Surprising Movie Trivia Facts


The best word to sum up the 1996 Academy Awards? Unpredictable. With an unlikely set of nominees (including everyone’s favorite pig Babe) facing off in the Best Picture category, film aficionados were left guessing as to the actual winner. “Likable but less-than-great entries dominate the best-picture category,” wrote Janet Maslin of The New York Times. Though the favorite of the bunch was Ron Howard’s Apollo 13, the prize would ultimately go to Mel Gibson’s epic Scottish war drama Braveheart, despite being written off by the industry early on.

PHOTO: Selling Tampa Star Sharelle Rosado Welcomes Baby Girl With Fiancé Chad Johnson, Baby’s Name Revealed

Sharelle Rosado and fiancé Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson have been gushing about their relationship for a while now. READ MORE

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Clear up your complexion with this skin-care regimen.