Raspberries: Top 3 Health Benefits




Raspberry is delicious and lovely looking fruit from genus Rubus, which comes from the Rose family. It blooms throughout the year and is thus perennial in nature.

However, in olden days, it was a summer crop that has now been modified by technology to produce all round the year.

Raspberries are grown in most of the temperate regions of the world and Russia is the largest producer followed by Poland.

Today they are available in many hybrid forms and have numerous varieties that include Red Raspberries, Purple Raspberries, Black Raspberries, Blue Raspberries and Golden Raspberries.

There are about 15 species of this fruit that are cultivated across many countries and continents of the world.  Raspberries are very popular and are known for their nutritious character.


Raspberry Nutritional Value

Raspberries are among the healthiest fruits and are super beneficial for your health. It has dense nutrient content that includes:  Antioxidants, Phytonutrients, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, etc.

Amongst the nutrients, Raspberry has the highest proportion of Vitamin C on the scale of our body’s daily requirement of nutrients. 100g berries provide about 44% of Vitamin C required by us.

Raspberries also boast of the high amount of dietary fiber with a reasonable level of sugar in it. Manganese is another component in Raspberry that fulfills about 32% of our daily requirement.

Manganese is another component in Raspberry that fulfills about 32% of our daily requirement.

But they are packed with magnificent source of antioxidants, phytonutrient and flavonoids that must be considered while eating it.

Apart from these, rest of the nutrients in the form of Vitamins, trace metals and proteins are moderately contained in this fruit constituting 2% to 4% of our daily need.

This juicy fruit is made up of 95% of water, one of the highest water content in fruits.


1. Women’s health

Women love raspberries and now they have more than the “tasty” reason to include them in the diet.

Raspberries and particularly raspberry leaf have been found very effective in decreasing menstrual flow and cramps during the menstrual cycle, reducing pain during childbirth, preventing hemorrhage and relieving nausea.

It reduces pain by tightening and strengthening the pelvic muscles that experience cramping during periods.

They soothe the body by relaxing muscles and reduce the stress. It also increases the milk flow in lactating mothers.

The leaf and fruit contain Carotenoids, Citric Acid, Fragrine and vitamins that make it a potent agent for menstruation and child birth-related conditions.

It also helps in the treatment of Cervical cancer by kick-starting the process of Apoptosis in the cancerous growth.

Wrap up: Raspberries are helpful in regulating menstrual cycle, reducing cramps and pain during periods and brings down the risk of hemorrhage. It increases the flow of milk in lactating mothers and helps in treatment of cervical cancer.

2. Healthy Weight Loss

Raspberry has an extremely low-fat content but high fiber that keeps you feeling full for longer.


The water content of Raspberry at 95% protects you from dehydration owing to heavy exercises.


The entire composition of trace metals including manganese, potassium and Phosphorus restore the lost balance of electrolyte in the body.
It is a low-calorie fruit which keeps you light and makes for a good before and after workout snack.


Further, Raspberry Ketones [BUY HERE!] found in the raspberry have been found to be effective in burning the fat stored in the abdominal region by many studies.  Surgeon, author, and host of The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz promoted raspberry ketone as a miracle weight-loss solution with no side effects.


These studies showed that it breaks down the lipid within fat cells. Thus, this reduces the fat deposits in the body.  On Dr. Oz, weight-loss expert Lisa Lynn explained how adding Raspberry Ketones to their diet helped many of her clients break through weight-loss plateaus when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and daily exercise. She recommends taking 100 or 200 mg supplements of ketone with breakfast and lunch daily, which she says is the chemical equivalent of about 90 pounds of fresh raspberries.


It has also been found that Raspberry Ketones reduces the capacity of the body to absorb excess fat. It burns fat naturally and promotes healthy weight loss.


Wrap up: Raspberry due to its nutritional composition makes for a great snack while on weight loss spree and the Ketones in it breakdown fats reducing the waistline of your body.

3.  Protect and Arrests Cancerous Growths

The incidences of the Cancer is increasing but now with new advancements and studies on it, this condition may not spell doom for you anymore.


The researchers on food and nutrition for controlling cancer and preventing it are showing a lot of promise. One such elaborate study has been done by Dr. Daniel Nixon of Hollings Cancer Institute.


It has found conclusively the effects of Ellagic acid in Raspberries on Cancer. A cup of Raspberries contains about 40 mg of this acid. When consumed in moderate quantities, it prevents the occurrence of cancers. 


If Cancer patients increase the concentration of this acid by increasing the daily intake of raspberries, then they may be able to destroy the cancerous growths through a process called Apoptosis. 


Apoptosis in layman’s language means programmed cell death owing to a biochemical reaction. The acid in Raspberries triggers this process.


It has been found to be effective in most of the cancers including that of the breast, colon, pancreas, Esophagus, skin, prostate and amongst others.


The best part is that this process does not hurt or damage normal cells and slow down the cancer growth significantly.


Apart from a significant contribution from Ellagic acid, the antioxidant properties of Raspberries also help in aiding cancer prevention and growth.


Antioxidants neutralize these free radicals and protect from cancer. ORAC value (Oxygen Radiance Absorption Capacity) of raspberry is 4900 micromoles per 100 grams.


So it is useful in protecting against cancer and tumor.


Wrap up: The Ellagic acid in particular and Anti-oxidants in general found in Raspberries prevent cancer and slows down its spread in the body.


This is why raspberries are recommended and a “must” in your daily fruit intake.


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