Friday, April 7, 2017

National Coffee Cake Day is observed each year on April 7.

Coffee cake is a cake that is intended to be eaten while enjoying a cup of coffee, maybe for breakfast or during a coffee break.  One may choose to serve this cake to guests around their coffee table.


The coffee cake itself does not contain any coffee.  They are usually single layer cakes made in square, rectangle or ring-shaped pans.  Coffee cakes are often flavored with cinnamon or other spices, seeds, nuts and fruits, such as blueberries or apples. Typically they have a crumb topping or a glaze drizzle.


Enjoy this delicious recipes:


Amaretto Cherry Coffee Cake
Vegan Coffee Cake Full of Nostalgia
Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake - Low Carb and Gluten-Free


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Our research was unable to find the origin and the creator of National Coffee Cake Day.

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