Monday, April 3, 2017

Every April 3rd National Chocolate Mousse Day recognizes the decadent dessert that gained popularity in France in the 1800s.

Mousse is prepared by beating eggs or cream or both to a frothy, airy consistency and then folding the ingredients together to create a light, creamy delight.


While mousse can be either savory or sweet, for this day we will focus on that all time favorite, chocolate.


The words mousse and chocolate are derived from the French language, so it isn’t difficult to believe France is where to begin. While we have no exact point in time when this might have been, we do know chocolate was introduced to the French around the year 1615, and they fell in love.


Then a century later the French developed a method for making mousse. Savory lead the way, but it couldn’t have been long before the same approach was applied to chocolate.


In the United States, an advertisement in The Brooklyn Daily Eagle in 1887 included classes on how to make chocolate mousse offered by a Miss Parloa. She also advised how to make potato soup, larded grouse, potato timbale and corn muffins.


From dark chocolate to milk chocolate, bittersweet or any combination, there is plenty of variety when it comes to chocolate mousse.


Give these recipes a try:


Ghirardelli Chocolate Mousse recipe

Easy Classic Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Death by Chocolate Mousse


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