Monday, June 27, 2022

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June 19, 2022: You may feel as though you didn't get enough sleep last night, dear Aries, as the Pisces moon forms a harsh square with Mercury in the very early hours, causing your mind to race when it should be exploring the dream realms. Give yourself permission to take it slow throughout the day, and don't feel guilty about indulging in a midday nap. Your words will bring you luck this evening when Mercury and Jupiter enter a supportive aspect in the sky. Speak your goals to the universe right now, and the stars will align to help you manifest such dreams.

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June 19, 2022: While you understand the value of laying low and recharging your batteries, the stars will inspire you to embrace your social side as the moon makes its way through Pisces. Use this energy to nurture the bonds you share with your family and friends, sweet Bull, as doing so will surely feed your soul. Take a moment to check in with your body and psyche this evening when Mercury and Jupiter share a supportive connection up above. This cosmic climate can bring major blessings and healing your way. However, you'll need to believe in yourself while going deep within.

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June 19, 2022: Check in with your personal responsibilities today, dear Gemini, as the Pisces moon illuminates your solar tenth house. These vibes will ask you to get your act together before the start of a new work week, making it the perfect time to meal plan or catch up on personal errands. A sweet connection between Luna and Uranus later tonight will bring surprises your way. Though, they'd be difficult to enjoy if you didn't spend your day chipping away at your to-do list. These vibes are also great for breaking through boundaries, so don't be afraid to throw your weight around a bit.

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June 19, 2022: Your Sunday should feel blissfully relaxing, dear Cancer, as the moon continues its journey through Pisces and your solar ninth house. This cosmic climate will heighten your intuition and sense of connectivity to the world, so it'll be important that you lean into the people and activities that bring you the most serene joy. Meditation sessions will also feel particularly powerful as the other side looks for ways to send you support and love. A helpful connection between communicative Mercury and auspicious Jupiter this evening will be particularly helpful when it comes to connecting with your philosophical side, so be sure to whisper a few musings into the sky.

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June 19, 2022: Today is the perfect day for shedding emotions, thoughts, or behaviors that are no longer serving you, dear Fish, as the Pisces moon illuminates the sector of your chart that governs personal transformation. However, these vibes could also make you feel more sensitive than usual, so you'll want to be mindful that you approach change with compassion for yourself and the people around you. Luckily, you'll feel supported by your community and the universe this evening when communicative Mercury shares a sweet aspect to auspicious Jupiter. This cosmic climate can also open you up to messages from beyond the veil, so be sure to get a solid meditation session in.

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June 19, 2022: Dedicate yourself to love in all of its forms today, dear Virgo, as the Pisces moon encourages you to open your heart and access your compassionate nature. Grace will fill the air around you under this cosmic climate, making it an ideal time to bond with someone special, indulge in self-care, or do a bit of flirting. Good vibes will continue to flow this evening when the moon blows a kiss to Uranus, ushering in small blessings from beyond the veil. Use this cosmic climate as an opportunity to connect with your higher power, asking for guidance and assistance where you need it most.

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June 19, 2022: Prioritize your health today, dear Libra, as the Pisces moon travels through your solar sixth house, asking you to take better care of yourself. This cosmic climate is ideal for releasing stress and nurturing your body, especially if the idea of returning to work tomorrow is already bringing you stress. Soulmate energy will surround you later tonight when chatty Mercury and auspicious Jupiter connect in the cosmos. These vibes are ideal for opening yourself up to someone special, as the universe brings electricity to your love life. If there's someone special in your life, this is a great time to show them some TLC, which will surely strengthen your bond.

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June 19, 2022: Give yourself permission to do whatever your heart desires today, dear Scorpio, as the Pisces moon illuminates your solar fifth house. This cosmic climate is all about embracing the people and activities that bring you the most joy, especially if there's a creative element involved. Working on a passion project or spending time with your most supportive friends will strengthen your sense of self, as the universe invites your ego to come out and play. You'll feel inspired by love later this evening when Luna blows a kiss to Uranus, bringing strokes of genius to your heart and mind.

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June 19, 2022: The universe will ask you to take care of the energy that fills your space today, dear Archer, as the Pisces moon illuminates your solar fourth house. These vibes are all about embracing domestic bliss, making it a great day for home-cooked meals, fresh towels, and clean sheets. A nurturing energy will also be present during this time, inspiring you to cater to your nearest and dearest. Exciting conversations around love could manifest this evening when Mercury and Jupiter connect in the cosmos, bringing a burst of luck and auspicious energy to the sector or your chart that governs matters of the heart.

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June 19, 2022: You'll be in a more sentimental mood than usual today, dear Capricorn, as the Pisces moon brings a sensitive energy to the sector of your chart that governs communication. Poetry will run across your lips every time you speak from the heart, making it a great time to open up with someone special, especially if you get the impression that they don't know how much you care for them. A cheery energy will fill your home later tonight when Mercury and Jupiter align in the sky. Use this cosmic climate as an opportunity to embrace domestic bliss, sharing your home with the people you love.

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June 19, 2022: You'll find yourself in a generous mood today, sweet Fish, as the Pisces moon illuminates your solar second house. Though spoiling your family and friends will certainly feel like an act of love, it will be easy to overspend, making it essential that you keep a close eye on your bank account. You'll feel a rush of creative energy when communicative Mercury and expansive Jupiter connect this evening, making it a great time to work with the artistic outlet of your choosing. Connecting with your friends will also elevate your mood right now, even if it's only with a quick phone call.

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June 19, 2022: You'll have some extra pep in your step today, dear Pisces, as the moon continues its journey through your sign. You can expect your phone to be a bit busier than usual as well since this luminary placement is poised to elevate your popularity, putting you in high demand with your family and friends. Though you may feel as though everyone wants a piece of you, you should take this cosmic climate as an excuse to put yourself first, which could include throwing your phone on "do not disturb." However, you may want to make yourself available this evening when Luna connects with Uranus, bringing interesting news your way.

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