Turns out, there are plenty of dangerous things in your kitchen, and many foods that often taste delicious can post a threat to your health if you’re not careful. Do a sweep of your fridge and pantry for these items to ensure safe eating.

Spinach is a nutrient rich plant with many possible health benefits including lowering the risk of cancer.   Do you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, insufficient bone health, asthma and more? Guess what single food can help out with all of these ailments, and it doesn’t stop there? Popeye was definitely on to something….

If you’ve ever downed a bag of chips, but found yourself heading back into the kitchen an hour later in search of a snack, there’s actually an explanation. Certain foods, especially simple and refined carbohydrates like cookies, can actually cause your blood sugar levels to spike quickly so a lot of insulin is released, then your…