Tuesday, February 12, 2019

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FEB 12, 2019: Your emotions are all right under the surface today, and it won't take much to get you stressing. An innocent comment could trigger a bad reaction. You'll have to watch for frustration to rear its ugly head—there are certain things that are just beyond your control, and that's that. If you can't change something, it's a waste of time to try. Instead, use all that energy to think up ways to work around the things (or the people) that you don't like.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  27 45 32 29 30 53


FEB 12, 2019: You know, there's not just one superhero in your group at work. Sure, that one person is awfully skilled at coming to people's rescue right in the nick of time, but you can help others, too! Your ego is hungry to do some good, and you should see this person as inspiration, not as competition. Shadow them for a while today, and watch how they help—chances are, it all starts with a question. You never know what you can do for someone until you ask.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  22 52 3 54 1 27


FEB 12, 2019: There is a fun but significant misalignment in the energies around you today, so you can expect a lot of missed connections, misunderstandings and mismatched pairs in your life right now. A new partnership is not working out as well as everyone hoped it would, and you might be asked to step in and assume a new role to help smooth things over. You're a better fit for this person anyway—even though you don't like to admit it. Being easygoing is going to help you make an easy go of it!

Daily Lucky Numbers:  43 33 16 58 59 26


FEB 12, 2019: Distractions are not necessarily bad—sometimes they can spark a new idea, entertain you on a boring day, or just keep your mind humming in a relaxed, healthy way. So await upcoming distractions with open arms. See what the world has to offer you, and don't be afraid to let yourself drift. Be prepared for your mind to wander, and you'll stay one step ahead of whatever the day has to offer you. The good news is that this day will offer you the stimulation you've been waiting for!

Daily Lucky Numbers:  41 32 11 10 18 35


FEB 12, 2019: The less you open up your wallet today, the better. It's not that you desperately need to save your cash or anything, it's just that the less often you have financial dealings with others, the more you will feel free to follow more-altruistic pursuits. Today is a day to reach out and give your time and your energy, not to give money. Paying a problem to go away isn't the right idea. Right now, you need to give of yourself—that's where the value lies.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  4 13 25 18 34 17


FEB 12, 2019: You'll be put in a position today that isn't very enviable—you will have to tell someone you really like that they are just not delivering on expectations, and they need to get more in gear. Deliver the news with a gentle hand, and keep things brief and to the point. Don't be too critical of others who can't manage the same level of tactfulness. Everyone has their own way of giving feedback, and you're just more skilled at it than most.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  56 36 37 28 27 25


FEB 12, 2019: Someone keeps changing their mind about joining you for a project or trip, and it will start to test your patience today. Give them the additional time they're asking for, but make it clear that the time to hesitate is over—it is time to commit! If you feel that there is too much duality in your day, then divide up your time more firmly. Do certain things at certain times, and avoid moving your schedule around too frequently. You need to give yourself one plan for the day and stick to it.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  49 44 26 59 31 43


FEB 12, 2019: Your skills at romance have not always been as sharp as you'd like, but that might just be because you've been too selective with your heart. It's true that the more you open yourself up to people, the more you are going to get hurt—it's a simple numbers game. But what you're not realizing is that the more you open yourself up to people, the faster you learn how to find what you really want. Give it a try today—tell that certain someone that you'd like to get to know them better.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  45 3 37 38 34 12


FEB 12, 2019: An early morning energy shortage doesn't mean you are condemned to a day full of dozing off! The universe has some serious power in store for you, although you might not receive it until the afternoon or early evening. So save any big plans for later in the day. And if you can't seem to get revved up to start the day, don't worry! Just keep in mind that some good vibes are coming! Use the morning down time to sleep in or putter around the house if you can.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  36 19 59 25 51 52


FEB 12, 2019: The written word holds a lot of power for you today, especially if you put your creative writing talents to work! So if you can take a little more time with every email you send, that will yield impressive results. Think about what the recipient cares about most, and put that in the subject line—that way, you'll rise above all the competition in their inbox and get read first! Keep it short, and they're more likely to get back to you as soon as possible to find out more!

Daily Lucky Numbers:  42 34 3 27 54 47


FEB 12, 2019: Keep in mind that gifts are all about the sentiment they represent—what they cost is not necessarily important. So if you are shopping for a gift right now, don't overspend. Chances are, this person won't know how much you spent on it—and if they did, they would feel more guilty than grateful. Think about giving them something that they really want and could use in their everyday life. That way, they'll think of you often—and your gift will become an extension of your feelings.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  7 29 24 32 37 18


FEB 12, 2019: When you need guidance or support today, you can always count on yourself! Getting other people's input is important, but it could also overload you with too much irrelevant information. You also have to consider that the people whose advice you seek have their own agendas—and they may not match up harmoniously with yours. Feel free to check in with the usual sages you rely upon, but right now you should do so only after you have pretty much figured out what you're going to do.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  3 29 35 45 2 23


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