Friday, November 16, 2018

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NOV 16, 2018: Someone's opportunistic tendencies have served you well in the past, but now that free ride might be coming to an end. It's time for you to make the bold moves you've been letting other people make for so long. This is the time when the rubber really meets the road, and consistency is important. If making the most of a given situation doesn't sit well with you, then you have to be willing to get along with a little bit less.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  58 21 11 26 9 25


NOV 16, 2018: Things may get rather hectic for you very soon, so you need to take some time to charge your batteries. Today would make a good personal day, and if you can reschedule some of your least-enjoyable tasks for another day, you should do so! Be by yourself as much as possible today, and don't worry too much about projects or responsibilities you leave behind -- they will be fine without your for a little while. Your energy needs to get back on an even keel.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  54 10 26 58 24 19


NOV 16, 2018: Relationships are simple when the two people involved are on an even playing field. But today someone you have long seen as an equal could suddenly move into a position of slight superiority -- in terms of either financial gain or responsibilities at work. This will necessitate a change in how the two of you communicate, but it should not necessarily affect your friendship. Whatever was there before today will still be there after today.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  35 10 23 38 53 13


NOV 16, 2018: Moving from one extreme to another is not a wise way to balance your life! Stop doing what you think other people want you to do -- it's making you emotionally dizzy. To achieve true harmony right now, you need to stop and center yourself. Step back from your busy social scene, and avoid extravagant shopping sprees for a while. If you slow the various areas of your life down, you will find equilibrium -- and you'll be able to relax again.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  22 53 24 15 42 30


NOV 16, 2018: Get ready for your attitudes to rub off on the people around you. You have a high level of influence over the people you hang around with every day. So if you are amped about something new, everyone else will be energized, too. But if you are bored to tears, everyone around you will start yawning. Take this responsibility seriously, and watch how you react to things. Try not to go to any extremes today; instead, stay on an even keel.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  20 8 56 31 37 3


NOV 16, 2018: Whether or not you are in the mood for love, you should go for romance today. Immerse yourself in sweet sentiment, and take a break from cold reality. And don't limit yourself to thinking of romance as applying only to love affairs. Instead, embrace the complete definition of the word 'romance' -- use music, poetry, and film as vehicles to explore your heart and discover new ways of maneuvering through difficult days.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  46 36 22 4 5 58


NOV 16, 2018: If you are feeling weird or out of place today, don't worry. This is a transitional period, and it's normal to have a heightened sense of how you're different from the people around you. But the wonderful thing is that everyone is different. Take a moment today to notice the oddball characteristics, personal tics and unique mannerisms of people you interact with on a daily basis. See for yourself that no one is perfect, and you will immediately feel a lot more comfortable in your skin.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  58 52 25 51 20 46


NOV 16, 2018: There's a warm blanket of positive energy all around your reality right now, and it's so comfy and cozy that even your boss is in an exceptionally good mood! Get ready for compliment-filled emails -- you should save them for review time. This will be a wonderful day full of shared laughter and camaraderie. You're getting along well with everyone, and everyone is getting along well with you. This is a good time to get involved in group activities and large-scale events.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  44 18 41 1 26 15


NOV 16, 2018: Forget your PDA, cell phone or computer. Today, your most useful communication device will be your direct manner. Your confident voice will make the people in power take notice of you. There is no point in playing political games. Saying things that you don't really mean (but that you think other people want to hear) is a complete waste of your time. You have nothing to be hesitant about. You know what you want, so say it.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  27 48 25 28 51 23


NOV 16, 2018: It's all about mind over matter today. If you want a positive outcome for your latest endeavor, then you have to think positively! For you right now, every dark cloud hides a glorious silver lining. If you can hold onto the hope that's inside you, then nothing can bring you down. An optimistic mind is one of the most powerful, motivating things in the universe. Use yours to sway the powers that be to your way of thinking.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  11 19 16 18 43 13


NOV 16, 2018: The raw materials that will make up your day are all laid out in front of you -- what the result will look like is up to you. Follow your mood, and go from there. Make no apologies for creating an easy day if your energy is lagging. Just keep your head down, do what needs to be done, and leave the extra-credit stuff for a time when you have more to offer. After all, there is no point in going the extra mile if your gas tank is nearing empty.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  10 49 54 21 6 9


NOV 16, 2018: Get ready for a lot of energy exchanges today. Giving and getting help will be a central part of your day today, when difficult negotiations require your unique charm and humor. Your assistance could set off a chain reaction, causing you to ask someone with some very particular skills to step into a difficult situation and show you how to navigate. Your request will flatter this person, and provide you with a convenient excuse to get to know her or him better.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  7 3 38 31 5 16


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