Saturday, March 16, 2019

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MAR 16, 2019: When you look into your wallet, do you see neatly organized currency and credit cards? Or do you see a mishmash of scraps of paper, crumpled bills, and random business cards? If you see the latter, it's time to get organized! Your financial life has little chance of being healthy if you don't respect your money. Taking extra time to tidy up your money's home sends a message of respect out to the universe. If you treat money like garbage, it won't want to come and live with you.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  49 39 47 51 55 50


MAR 16, 2019: If you focus too much attention on building new relationships, you may alienate the people in your existing relationships. Tone down the intense energy you've been focusing on someone new—it may be sending too strong of a message, and you could be misunderstood. Instead, give equal time to the folks who have been in your corner all along, rooting for you when times were tough. Share this sunny period with them, and you'll be reminded why you need them in your life.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  40 13 44 25 26 30


MAR 16, 2019: Your brain is fertile and active right now, so any idle chitchat might become very tedious very quickly. This is a good time to strike out on your own and search for a unique experience that will challenge you. A visit to an art gallery, a library or any other place designed for contemplation and thought might be quite stimulating for you. Your mind is very receptive to new ideas right now—give it something substantial to ponder.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  37 5 53 8 34 25


MAR 16, 2019: An upcoming dinner party, luncheon, or another fairly mellow social event will be a wonderful opportunity to share a new story about yourself. So step into the spotlight and start speaking! Do not be bashful about sharing some details of your life—even if there is someone in attendance whom you desperately want to impress. This person is more intimidated by you than you are by her or him—and many people are very curious about you right now.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  31 59 6 16 38 11


MAR 16, 2019: Everyone makes mistakes—and you should keep that in mind when someone who once wronged you reappears on the scene. You can choose to hold on to a grudge, or you can choose to let go of the past and give this person one more chance. Put yourself in his or her place, and be willing to listen to what he or she has to say. You'd be wise to be a bit cautious with this person, but the stars say that forgiveness is a wise course now.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  26 1 17 29 3 16


MAR 16, 2019: It's not the most comfortable sensation in the world, but tension is not always a bad thing—in fact, it can often bring out the best in you. A stressful situation can give your creativity and intelligence a terrifically satisfying jolt. So stop seeking out people who are completely compatible with you. If you surround yourself with only like-minded thinkers, your own mind and soul will no longer be challenged—and they will no longer grow.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  21 2 28 42 26 3


MAR 16, 2019: Let yourself linger in conversations today, especially with people you don't know very well. Sharing ideas and stories will help you learn more about someone who may, to your great surprise, become very important in your life. So if there's a person who has been pushing for a relationship that you don't think you want, give him or her another chance—and sit down for a long talk. Your feelings may change.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  50 12 36 24 40 51


MAR 16, 2019: Wherever you go today, you will be able to effortlessly put your special mark on things. All you have to do is speak your mind in your usual clever way, and don't let yourself get intimidated by anyone. This is a great time for you, because you are full of unique ideas and a fierce charm that could bring a marble statue to life! The role of entertainer is becoming more and more comfortable to you, and you should explore ways to spend a little more time in the spotlight. People want more of you.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  5 19 21 27 13 37


MAR 16, 2019: There is a power shift going on in your life, and it appears that other people have more power over you than you have over yourself! It is wonderful to be considerate of others, but overdoing that can be a bit ridiculous. Do not let other people affect your schedule today. A last-minute request from a friend shouldn't cause you to drop everything and mount an extensive rescue operation. Take care of yourself first, and remind other people that you can't be taken for granted.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  6 37 50 7 12 23


MAR 16, 2019: Just for today, you should put aside all the cutting-edge technology that has invaded your life. Sure, it has saved you some time, helped you stay in contact with friends, and improved your punctuality, but it has also isolated you. Is your life in danger of becoming virtual? Get back to basics today—have a face-to-face conversation, and do your shopping at the mall instead of online. Immerse yourself in the energy created by other people.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  30 15 58 17 33 12


MAR 16, 2019: Don't think of your life's story as a circle that you're standing in the middle of—if you spend all day turning around and around so you can give equal focus to your past, present and future, you'll get awfully dizzy awfully fast! Your life is actually more like a line—albeit a very squiggly line, full of funny doglegs and artistic little curlicues. But no matter how many times you must veer off the path, you have to keep your attention focused in a forward direction!

Daily Lucky Numbers:  43 22 42 20 6 57


MAR 16, 2019: Not all illusions are false—sometimes they are just sneak previews of what is to come! It's time to see the glass of water as half full and make the choice to hope for the best. The conclusion of what is coming to pass over the next few days is still unknown, so why not choose to believe that everything will work out just fine? Visualize the best-case scenario. You won't be fooling yourself—you'll just be setting the stage for a very happy ending.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  56 28 27 24 37 43


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