Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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JAN 23, 2019: Cleaning house may be more challenging than you initially thought — getting rid of your possessions will take longer than you expected, but the financial reward for your efforts will be larger than you expected. Are you sitting on a rare collectible? Moving slowly is not a handicap in this situation; it's a wise strategy for getting the biggest payoff possible. Spend a little time doing research today, and educate yourself about the things you have right under your nose.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  29 7 12 28 44 37


JAN 23, 2019: You will feel intellectually energetic this morning. You should make contact with someone who always has interesting, insightful notions and just enjoy a nice long conversation. Share a recent perplexing discovery with this person, and see what he or she thinks about it. There's a good chance that, if working together, you two can solve a very perplexing mystery — and this solution stands to make both of you wealthier.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  26 42 35 16 58 29


JAN 23, 2019: Your patience will be tested today when someone pushes the pause button on some of your most exciting plans — yet again. You have been trying hard to avoid being flighty, but unfortunately, not everyone else is capable of doing the same. Other people are making you pay for their poor planning. This is a harsh reality for you to work through right now, and it may be a reason to give some serious thought to rearranging your social circle just a little bit.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  56 28 49 21 41 53


JAN 23, 2019: If you need to deliver some negative news or constructive criticism to anyone today, try to do it over dinner or lunch — comforting food will make this person much more receptive to what you have to say. Socializing could become a challenge for you right now because your mind will be dwelling on matters you feel you have no control over. But this distraction isn't necessarily a bad thing — let ideas simmer in the back of your mind. By the end of the day, you will have an action plan.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  3 14 59 2 41 23


JAN 23, 2019: You need to trust your own judgment today — don't rely on the opinions of other people. If someone with a dubious reputation crosses your path, make sure to give him or her the benefit of the doubt. Your own eyes and ears are your best sources of information today. Listen carefully to this so-called shady person, and watch for revealing behavior. It may turn out that some tales you were told are not, in fact, true. Could it be that the teller had an ulterior motive for poisoning your mind?

Daily Lucky Numbers:  3 6 20 47 37 22


JAN 23, 2019: Get ready to adjust one of your longest-held philosophies today. Something will happen to show you that you can never assume things will stay the same. You will have to be very nimble as you make your way through the day, but all the bobbing and weaving you'll have to do will be fun. Get ready for some unexpected travel to add some drama to your life. Keep in mind that the journey will be more important than the destination.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  23 15 42 37 40 10


JAN 23, 2019: Getting involved in something cultural is a great idea today. You've always had a strong curiosity for things that are a little off the beaten track, but right now this curiosity is especially intense. Explore the territory just past where you usually go. Drive a little bit out of your way to check out a new exhibit of African art, for instance, or even that new sushi joint across town. Feed yourself figuratively and literally on the expressions and ideas of other cultures.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  58 10 22 2 54 33


JAN 23, 2019: Pushing the envelope is something that you're accustomed to doing, but it should be something you integrate into even more areas of your life, especially today. The universe is giving you the courage you need to push the romance envelope with a sweetheart (or potential sweetheart) — put yourself in a more vulnerable position, to demonstrate your trust in this person. Making an effort to reveal more of whom you really are is a powerful way to reach out.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  11 16 28 53 8 48


JAN 23, 2019: Someone is going to get what they want by appealing to your analytical side today — but you may find that your emotional side is convinced, too. Today marks the beginning of a shift in your perceptions. You are much more willing to see both sides of arguments and to let people slide on the silly stuff. You are mellowing out, and the people around you are feeling more comfortable about presenting new ideas and getting you involved in adventures.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  46 11 8 19 23 14


JAN 23, 2019: Even though love is important to you, you may be feeling some anti-romance feelings today. Perhaps a certain cooing couple is getting on your last nerve, or maybe your own romantic adventures have been less than fulfilling lately. If you want to enjoy some alone time and take a break from hearts and flowers, there's nothing wrong with that! Even though other people might be feeling lovey-dovey, you don't have to fake schmaltzy sentiment.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  23 6 46 42 37 32


JAN 23, 2019: Today you offer your friends, relatives and coworkers the best entertainment they could ask for. Engaging stories from your past can liven up even deadly silent rooms. Wait for your cue and then take it away! You direct the scene — socially, you are in control. People close to you are getting much more open-minded, and they may finally be willing to try those ideas you keep tossing out there — give them another toss!

Daily Lucky Numbers:  34 35 56 21 33 54


JAN 23, 2019: Your more idealistic, romantic side is starting to have more control over your life right now, which bodes well for your self-esteem. Understand that when you see the best in everything, you automatically see the best in yourself and love yourself. People are going to notice you a lot more today — and find you very attractive. The fact that you are feeling more beauty in your life will serve as an invitation for even more beauty to enter your life, so get ready.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  17 40 58 29 42 33


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