Friday, April 26, 2019

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APR 26, 2019: Today you might find yourself playing devil's advocate a lot more than you usually do. Conflict can sometimes be scary for you, but right now you're eager to hear people defend their beliefs and to have them try to persuade you. You're not afraid of confrontation—in fact, it will make you feel empowered. It's a great day for a debate or a conversation with someone who intimidates you.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 1 56 26 34 2 55  


APR 26, 2019: Your financial goals are becoming much more than just a quest for money. Right now, you're seeking a situation of comfort and peace of mind—and you're getting closer and closer to finding it. You want long-term rewards, not short-term gratification, and your fiscal philosophy is finally becoming as mature as you are. Put off getting that new outfit or buying that shiny gadget—you need to hold off on trivial purchases and put more money into your savings account now.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 52 16 15 18 50 5  


APR 26, 2019: You might think that you have the correct answer to a problem or puzzle today, but you need to remember that there are multiple possible solutions. Don't be too aggressive when you say that you think yours is the best option. Collaborate with other people, and show them that you value their input. You might just learn something—and the outcome will be better for everybody involved.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 28 11 53 41 6 43  


APR 26, 2019: Whether you're ready or not, you'll be in a very powerful position today. All it will take is the merest tilt of your eyebrow to get someone to volunteer to be of service to you today—your power to attract other people is strong, and there is more than one person who's watching and waiting for a sign from you. Be mindful of the influence you have over others today—try not to abuse it.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 22 51 33 39 53 41  


APR 26, 2019: If you're in a romantic relationship right now, this is a great time to turn up the heat and make things sizzle! First things first, think about what will make your partner smile—and then do it. If you're not in a romantic relationship, the stars are still pointing to a very romantic time right now. You can make something happen if you want to and if you make an effort. Today would be a great day to get some face time with that cutie you've been curious about.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 12 48 1 59 10 28  


APR 26, 2019: Being forgetful can sometimes be a blessing—remember that the next time you're in a rush and you can't find your house keys or sunglasses. The same brain that makes you forget where you put something also lets you forget about hurtful episodes from your life—eventually. The pain or sorrow you've felt recently is fading slowly, but it's fading surely. Have faith that the worst is behind you, because it is. Keep moving forward, and leave the past behind.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 12 58 24 26 38 9  


APR 26, 2019: It's time to move forward on some big ideas that your family has been discussing. Explain what you feel, and what your hopes are in this situation. You may have to urge your loved ones to choose a definite course of action. In your work or school life, things are about to get a lot less active and a lot more research-oriented. You'll spend more time planning and setting things up. A major presentation will be delayed, which is good news.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 9 11 15 18 20 45  


APR 26, 2019: 'Larger' and 'louder' should be your watchwords today—so push things to the maximum whenever you can. Today you should try to get a bit more comfortable with extravagance. More time, more laughter, and more fun—these are all in store for you if (and only if) you open your arms to embrace them. This is not the time to take a wait-and-see attitude. Live large!
Daily Lucky Numbers: 42 31 20 2 48 17  


APR 26, 2019: Your attitude about a certain friendship is going through some major changes right now, and you may find yourself wondering what you ever saw in a certain pal. People change over time—you have, haven't you? You should accept who this person is becoming, but you do not have to keep her or him in your life. Friendships are elective relationships, and not all of them have to be lifelong commitments.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 2 28 23 48 9 40  


APR 26, 2019: It might be nice if you and all your friends were moving at the same pace. But today an unusual occurrence will make it quite obvious that you aren't in sync. The good news is, just because you're all moving at different speeds doesn't mean that you can't find ways to click. Conflicts in your schedules will inspire you to try harder to find ways to spend time together—and make you appreciate one another all the more.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 6 37 13 4 9 41  


APR 26, 2019: If a couple of new members of your social circle or work team are rubbing you the wrong way, give them time. Sooner or later, these strong personalities will be tempered by the overall group vibe, and they will be much easier to get along with. Right now, they're just flexing their muscles and trying to make an impression—though it may not be a very good one. Remember that these new people are merely drops in your social ocean, so put things into perspective.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 51 7 47 42 26 35  


APR 26, 2019: When was the last time you had that righteous feeling you get when you've done something you know is good? It may have been a while, but that fact has nothing to do with a lack of talent or skill. It has much more to do with your inability to recognize the good things in your life. You could be spending too much time looking for perfection when something very special is right in front of you. Your expectations are unrealistic. Give yourself a break, and you'll start feeling more satisfied.
Daily Lucky Numbers: 46 41 36 6 27 35  


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