Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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You've got a good thing going on, love-wise, these days but that won't stop you from peeking around the corner to check out who's next. Is it really fair to cultivate the next-in-line while you're still working it out with the current love of your life? Trying to play both sides against the middle might blow up in your face, and instead of flirtatious fun and sweet connection, you may find yourself amidst bitter tears -- and alone. Tread carefully.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  58 17 43 45 9 34


Your friends and family know that you're someone they can rely on -- stable, honest and generally able to give good advice. Don't be surprised if a loved one with a serious problem on their hands comes to you today to get some guidance. Listening closely and providing your perspective will help them make a big decision, and they'll appreciate it deeply for years to come.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  22 48 25 11 54 40


You love a good story, and you love a good storyteller even more. A family member is particularly great at living -- and sharing -- both, and today will be rife with humorous and adventurous yarns. But take care that their tales aren't accentuating too many flights of fancy; it may be a sign that their ability to maintain a responsible, mature lifestyle is limited. And you may be called upon soon to bail them out of yet another jam. But you'll do it -- if just for the story to tell.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  44 17 46 28 19 25


Step away slowly from the plastic! Your urge to pick up that coveted gadget or just engage in a little retail therapy will be overwhelming today, so keep your credit and cash at a distance. Instead of walking around the mall, head out on a long stroll around the neighborhood. Turn off the computer and don't tempt yourself with Internet shopping sales -- pick up a book and dive into someone else's reality for a while.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  18 42 12 49 16 21


You like yourself. No, you really, really love yourself. And that's great! But you also know that life is always about a little self-improvement and you've set your sights on the physical side of your being today. Tweak that exercise routine, assess your diet for some gaps or excesses, read up on the newest science around the mind-body connection. Wherever you're starting from -- out of shape couch potato or expertly trained triathlete -- there is room for improving how comfortable you feel in your body. So have fun with it.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  41 4 43 28 10 46


It's not that you're secretive -- no, no, no. It's that you're simply private. Right? You're so highly trained in the art of hiding how you feel from others, you sometimes end up hiding it from yourself! Check in today on that gnawing feeling at the pit of your belly. What does it mean? When did it start? What makes it feel better or worse? Don't be afraid to share with a trusted confidant -- and if you don't have one already, there's no time like the present to forge that relationship.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  3 29 35 5 34 53


Lately you've found yourself surrounded by a whole new crew o' folks that aren't part of your usual suspects. Straying outside of your standard social circles is not only fun and enlightening, but absolutely necessary when your interests lead you there. If you're the only one of your pals who digs a good knitting session or game of billiards, then making connections with new folks who share that same love is a great thing. And introducing them to the old crew in the future will enrich everyone's lives.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  35 27 12 8 18 38


You have an enviable drive that most other signs find formidable -- which is an asset in some respects and a liability in others. In the professional world, such committed focus results in resounding success; in the personal world, however, that laser-like clarity can step on people's toes. You see how things should be and you want them to be there, now. But letting everyone come to the table with their ideas and perspectives will result in a much richer result in the end -- so be open to them.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  6 20 52 32 7 34


Let's face it: Things are a bit demanding on the emotional front these days. You are committed to helping a loved one work through an intense and troubling time, and as altruistic as that may seem from the outside, you are equally committed to devising an escape plan once they've worked through their issues. Planning the carrot on the end of a stick for yourself isn't selfish, it's self-care. You're going to need some serious recharging after this so don't feel bad about doing so.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  21 18 19 50 54 58


It may glitter, but it ain't gold. Are you being offered something -- personally or professionally -- that's making you feel a little bit sour in the belly? Like it doesn't ring true or sound ethical or appear seemly? It probably isn't, friend, and you'd do well to steer clear of whatever is being offered up. If you're not sure, however, consult a trusted source whose advice hasn't led you astray in the past. But just make sure they're unbiased on this one.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  32 58 54 38 9 2


You love jumping in with both feet first, and the deep, dark lake of love is your favorite dipping spot! But if you're considering going full throttle in a relationship that is currently just revving on the starting line, stop. Spend the next few days by yourself and consider if this match really is worth the work of taking it to another level. If it's just casual fun, trying to make it into more will leave everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. If, after a good solid 72 hour assessment, you're feeling pretty good about moving forward, then, by all means, jump on in.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  5 46 15 2 29 8


Nothing is truly to be gained by worrying, so just cut it out. You're spending psychic cycles on an activity that won't improve the situation for the better, and your ability to actually address your concerns will be limited. If it's work, love, family, your health or some other touchstone of your life, do yourself a favor and just face it head on. The sooner you do that, the sooner you'll slay this dragon and feel better overall. Be constructive.

Daily Lucky Numbers:  21 29 7 4 58 14


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