Don't you love legs that are smooth and soft?  Making people stare in amazement when you rock your favorite swimsuit?  Skin is in this summer. So get ready for teeny bikinis and short minis with a close, smooth shave.  Hair grows just about everywhere and there are many ways to get rid of it, but you’ll want to learn what’s the best method for you.


1. Hop in the bath or shower before you shave.

Hair that’s hydrated with warm water is up to 60 percent easier to cut. But don’t soak too long. After 15 or 20 minutes, water causes your skin to wrinkle and swell slightly, which makes it harder to get a close shave.


2. Wash your legs to remove any natural oils or perspiration.

Lather up with a moisture-rich shave gel to help keep water in the hair and ensure the razor glides easily over skin. Don’t rely on soap—it may clog the razor or cause dry, flaky skin.  For those with sensitive skin try Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel, it's a lightly fragranced shaving gel with advanced lubricants that provide incredible razor glide for protection against nicks and cuts.



3. Choose the Venus razor that’s right for you.

There are plenty of refillable and disposable razors that can help any woman get a perfect shave, like the Venus Spa Women's Razor.  Built-in Shave Gel Bars with white tea scent eliminate the need for additional shave gel or soap.  The 3-blade cartridge and shave gel bars flex for incredible closeness around every curve.  This one is perfect. You don't need shaving cream, and you are very soft and smooth afterwards, and it's perfect for shaving bikini areas too.

4. Shave with a fresh blade to get a close, comfortable shave without cuts or irritation.

Replace your blade at the first sign of dullness or discomfort. A good rule of thumb is to replace blades after 5–10 shaves.


5. Use a light touch, with little pressure, and shave in the direction that feels most comfortable.

For the closest shave, shave against the hair growth.


6. The backs of knees and thighs, and areas like ankles, where the bone is close to the skin’s surface, are trickier to shave.

Few razors today, like the Venus Swirl Women's Razor Blade Refills, feature a pivoting oval-shaped refill that maximizes maneuverability in and around these hard-to-reach spots.  You'll love how close of a shave you get without getting any cuts.



7. It’s also important to keep skin hydrated and glowing.

After shaving, apply a moisture-rich lotion. Then show off those smooth, radiant legs.


Before you decide to start shaving, you need to get all the facts straight. Hair removal is a personal decision, so trust your instincts just like you would about the makeup or clothes you wear.



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