There might finally be justice for the killing of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi. But probably not.

Argh, why?

Well, you know the deal: last month, Khashoggi visited the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and never came out. All evidence points to him being killed and dismembered by a team of Saudi agents. Turkey has implied this thing goes all the way to the top (hint: that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered it). For a while, the Saudi gov said 'we weren't involved at all.' Then it said 'ok maybe we were.' Now it's saying 'ok we definitely were, but it's not bin Salman's fault.' Yesterday, the gov said it's indicted 11 people, and is seeking the death penalty for five.



Sure. If you believe bin Salman actually had nothing to do with it – which many people, including US lawmakers – do not. Yesterday, a bipartisan group of senators threatened to stop arms sales to the country. And the State Dept issued sanctions on 17 Saudi officials it says were involved. Some say this is the admin's way of doing something, without doing 'something.'


But why not do 'something'?

Because the Trump admin is cozy with the Saudi crown prince. It also has a $110 billion arms sale with the country that President Trump has said he doesn't want to cancel. They also share the same enemy: Iran.


Now What?

A lot of the countries we're talking about don't have great human rights records, especially when it comes to cracking down on journalists or dissidents (see: this and this). But this time, Saudi Arabia's been accused of killing and dismembering a well-known journalist in its own consulate and covering it up. Not exactly something the int'l community can just look past.

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